I have been looking for a micro-blogging app that shares Google Buzz’s vision of being Not a Protocol but a collection of Open Standards. Google has this vision of a micro-blogging app that is simply a collection of Open Standards like Activity Streams, Atom, AtomPub, MediaRSS, WebFinger, pubhubsubbub, Salmon, OAuth, XFN, etc. The idea is that someday, any host on the web should be able to implement these open protocols and send messages back and forth in real time with users from any micro-blogging app (e.g. from SF Chatter to Buzz, or from Buzz to Confluence) without any one product in the middle, thus avoiding Content Lockin. The idea is not to bring users to one or the other platform, but to promote interoperability among platforms. Currently Micro-blogging sites act as hubs i.e. the user conversations are locked in the site. Google Buzz wants to be just a node, and let people interact with any other micro-blogging site using ActivityStreams and Salmon

SocialCast and Yammer have excellent APIs that let the user interact with the platform without being the app, but I have yet to see an app that aligns itself with Google’s vision. That said, I am not sure why anyone else would shareGoogle’s vision. Google only cares about content, whereas other vendors care about stickiness i.e. how many users sign up for their app. At Google I/O this year, Google said that they might OpenID Buzz i.e. that the user won’t even have to sign up for a Google Account to use Buzz. This supports my earlier point of Google not caring aboutstickiness.

Facebook is an interesting case too. They wanna bring everyone to Facebook using Facebook Connect and Open Graph.

Facebook Connect vs. OpenID Connect. I guess we will have to wait and see how the battle plays out. Google is championing OpenID Connect, again because they don’t care about how many users subscribe to their service, they only care about the content

What is more interesting is that Microsoft is utilizing Facebook Connect for MS docs.com, instead of their own Live Passport OpenID. I guess they figured out that they can’t go against Google alone, might as well partner up with FB :)