Originally appeared in The Times on January 30, 1932

This puzzle is based on the following works of Lewis Carroll:- "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," Through the Looking-glass," "The Hunting if the Snark, " and "Sylvie and Bruno."

1 “Grabbed at the Banker, who shrieked in despair.”
11 “And only –– for birthday presents, you know. There’s glory for you!”
14 Pronounced so as to rhyme with “mayor.”
17 This wanted the Dodo to speak English.
18 There was only one, and the finger-posts both pointed along it.
19 The son said his father was this four times.
20 Found round a sun-dial.
21 Humpty Dumpty grinned almost from ear to ear as he offered this to Alice.
22 and 27 “An arm, you –– !  Who ever saw one that size ?”
23 The ” A.T. ” has to this into the air in order to use the ” A.T.P. B.”
25 The passage was ” not much larger than a –– hole.”
26 See 21 down.
28 The Barrister wearied of proving this.
29 See 21 down.
33 See 28
36 and 35 down. ” When no dinner is in. sight, the dinner-bell’s a sound of ––”
37 and 32 “but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s ––
38 The Beaver brought unfailing supplies of this.
39 and 54 At a really good school washing is this.
40 One of the names the Baker was called.
41 The Hatter and March Hare cried out there was no this
42 See 48 down
43 These are used in making boots under the sea.
46 Even the king’s horses could do this.
50 Some have feathers, and bite.
51 Reversed. Alice didn’t consider it was proper for queens to do this.
53 Ten less than what had been done to “every one” in a poem.
55 “The –– is to France.”
1 These were mimsy.
2 The King’s messenger’s attitude
3 One of those of which the sheep took up another pair
4 An old conger-eel taught this.
5 The price of this was 5¼d. for one, 2d. for two
6 Asked if Alice was a child or a tee- totum.
7 14 said Alice ‘was twice as this.
8 Ingredients of a phlizz
9 “One doesn’t like –– so often,” said Alice
10 The aged, aged man sought for these eyes among the heather.
13 The Gardener mistook this for a Penny – Postage Stamp.
15 Said Alice ought to know her way to the ticket office.
21 and 29 across Was obviously the “one to 26.” as he went bounding away.
24 and 28 across The square of a “convenient number” reversed.
30 “We called him Tortoise because he taught us.”
31 Silence followed this ominous word
32 Make holes like a gimlet
34 “So they were,” said the Dormouse; “very ––.”
35 See 36 across
44 Mixed letters of 49; and see 50 down.
45 “Like a tea-tray in the ––.”
47 and 52 reversed The Duchess’s favourite word.
48 and 42 The caterpillar tried to carry a moth’s wing with all his left ––, “of course he toppled over.”
49 The must be what was “waiting to be fed.”
50 and 44 reversed Alice saw the Queen put her spectacles and this at the Hatter.
52 See 47 above.